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Rolic is a worldwide operating innovative high-tech company headquartered in Switzerland, with locations in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and Shanghai (China). Rolic develops and sells applicable coating materials and functional foil products for displays, for security elements and the sealing of highly sensitive products. Skilled staff and leading scientists from more than 15 countries are Rolic's employees.

Rolic - an employer in a highly dynamic environment

Rolic Technologies offers an inspiring environment for dedicated, flexible and enthusiastic team players. Interdisciplinary networking, skills, experience and the vision of setting new industrial standards for the use of liquid crystals provide a setting in which all employees can steadily develop.

Our focus is on creating added value for our customers and their customers. We translate our research results into methods, materials and products with a promising future in strong growth markets. People who want to create something new are welcome in our innovative Swiss company.

They will find a motivated, multinational team of around 100 colleagues. Moreover, they will benefit from the prosperity of the multinational business region of Basel and the high quality of life to be found in the triangle where Switzerland, France and Germany meet.

Current vacancies in Shanghai