Easy to verify.
Difficult to forge.

Rolic Technologies Ltd. offers governments, ministries, and security printing companies all over the world distinctive, non-copyable and reliable high-security solutions for identification and travel documents. Our innovative security elements are the successful result of many years of research in different areas of nanotechnology, coupled with a wealth of know-how and extensive understanding of the market.

The outstanding features of the SECUGRAM® product family are the unique, easy-to-detect effects of their di-chromatic or polychromatic images, which can be combined with each other in many different ways to provide different levels of security. A further advantage of the SECUGRAM® product is that the holographic rainbow effect typical of other products is avoided. Thus even untrained citizens can check the authenticity of identification and other security documents easily and quickly. In addition, the individual SECUGRAM® solutions cannot be read in or reproduced with conventional scanners or copying devices.

Tailor-made, customer-specific solutions
Unlike classic holograms, the SECUGRAM® product families leave unlimited scope for creativity. Working closely with you, we clarify your requirements and provide comprehensive advice on possible standard products and customized, proprietary solutions. Thanks to the use of LCMO technology and special coating materials we are able to implement tailor-made security elements with high resolution designs and motifs that meet your specific requirements.