Tailor-made security

SECUGRAM® COIS provides you with a choice of sophisticated and reliable optical security technologies for identification and travel documents based on paper or various plastic materials such as polycarbonate, PET etc.
By selecting a combination of the innovative, yet proven, Rolic LCMO technologies HIDE, SHINE and NICE within one single security element, life becomes very difficult for counterfeiters. Both document issuance experts and
untrained citizens will be able to distinguish the original security element from an imitation or forgery in an instant.
COIS security elements are designed and produced in a customer specific, tailor-made way, offering you overt and covert security features.

Properties and benefits in brief

Drawing on the successful combination of security levels 1 and 2, SECUGRAM® COIS addresses two conflicting requirements. Not only do we provide the “end user” with the means of checking authenticity unambiguously and quickly with the naked eye, but we also offer a significant extra degree of security thanks to the hidden properties of the HIDE technology.

SHINE technology
The element exhibits a clear, sharply defined positive/negative switch down to the smallest, high-resolution detail – and without any undesirable rainbow effect. This obvious contrast reversal is achieved by simply turning or tilting the security element. No direct light is required for verification, as the SHINE effect is obvious even under poor lighting.

HIDE technology
The image has to be viewed through a standard polarization filter in order to be visible. When this is rotated, a clear, sharply defined positive-negative switch or obvious contrast reversal occurs.

  • We can either implement your own designs or have our specialists create a template to your specification.
  • Our unique, patented LCMO technology gives you the highest security possible. The optical effects, including microtexts, cannot be scanned or copied.

NICE technology
The element exhibits an unambiguous, clear colour-shift such from e.g. green to gold. This effect is based on Rolic’s LCMO technology and does not require a silkscreen printing process with its characteristic production