Visibly forgery-proof

Whether applied to ID-cards, passports, driving licenses or visa SECUGRAM® Diamond offers reliable and sophisticated forgery protection. Thanks to the groundbreaking LCMO technology from Rolic, the striking optical effects of the security element can be discerned quickly and easily even by an untrained eye, while forgers find them extremely difficult to reproduce or imitate.

Properties and benefits in brief

  • SECUGRAM® Diamond is a highly innovative level 1security feature.
  • The novel forgery protection is available in the form of overlays, inlays, threads or patches. We can also provide other types of application specifically tailored to your requirements – we will be happy to develop an ideal solution with you.
  • The clear, sharply defined image exhibits an unmistakable positive-negative switch down to the smallest, high-resolution detail – and without any   interfering rainbow effect.
  • The design (based on a photograph, graphics, logo or lettering) is created using a high-resolution template. You decide whether you would prefer to supply this yourself or have our specialists create a template that reflects your requirements and ideas.
  • Turning the security element or changing the viewing angle produces a visible positive-negative switch or an obvious contrast reversal.
  • Both microtexts and nanotexts can be implemented easily. Including the contrast reversal, both options have the same optical characteristics as the remainder of the security element.
  • No direct light is required to check the authenticity of the security element, as the SECUGRAM® Diamond effect is clearly apparent even in poor lighting conditions.
  • Our unique, patented LCMO technology is your guarantee of the highest security possible. The optical switching effects cannot be scanned or copied.