Hidden security - the easy way

In SECUGRAM® Oyster, Rolic has developed a unique security element for ministries, embassies and security printing companies. Simple and commonly available tools are all it takes to visualize the distinctive optical effects, which are typical for level 2 security. In this way identification and travel documents can be checked for authenticity – the easy way.

Properties and benefits in brief

  • SECUGRAM® Oyster is an innovative level 2 security feature.
  • The image becomes visible when viewed through a standard polarization filter. When this is rotated, a visible positive-negative switch or obvious contrast reversal occurs.
  • The materials used to produce the elements are manufactured in accordance with Swiss quality standards. They can be modified in line with customer-specific requirements and refined with unique pigments.
  • The design (based on a photograph, graphics, logo or lettering) is created using a high-resolution template. You decide whether you would prefer to supply this yourself or have our specialists create a template that reflects your requirements and ideas.
  • The proven forgery protection is available in the form of overlays, inlays, threads or patches. We can also provide other types of application specifically tailored to your requirements – we will be happy to develop an ideal solution with you.
  • SECUGRAM® Oyster can be combined with virtually any level 1 security element.
  • Microtexts can be easily implemented and exhibit the same optical characteristics as the rest of the security element (including contrast reversal).
  • The invisible coating of our security elements has no effect on the overall design or the underlying template of the documents.
  • Our groundbreaking, patented LCMO technology is your guarantee of the highest security possible. The optical switching effects cannot be scanned or copied.