Security for all.

With its new SECUNOTE® Chameleon security feature, Rolic provides Central Banks and Issuing Authorities with an unmistakable and clear optical effect that the public will readily recognise. The colour shifting effect is brighter and more obvious than other currently available technologies, and has been developed using security elements based on Rolic’s tried and tested NICE technology.

This marked colour shifting effect in the latest Chameleon products allows both public and professionals immediate control over banknote authenticity, even in difficult lighting conditions - and without requiring any specialist equipment or knowledge.

Properties and benefits

  • SECUNOTE® Chameleon is an innovative and novel level 1 public security feature.
  • The clear colour shift has a high level of brilliance, effectively drawing attention to it on any banknote
  • The smooth surface of the Chameleon security elements provides a high-resolution un-blurred effect, unlike many Optical Variable Inks; and does not require a costly screen-printing process to apply.
  • SECUNOTE® Chameleon can include a third level highly-covert Central Bank security element through the use of selective reflection patterns within a defined wavelength band. This also allows high-speed machine-readability/automated verification.
  • Currently available in red/green, blue/green or magenta/green colour shifts.
  • SECUNOTE® Chameleon can be combined with virtually any other required or existing level one or two (public or teller) security feature.
  • This proven forgery protection feature is available as a stripe, patterned patch or thread as well as in demetallised format.
  • Rolic´s unique Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO) technology ensures that the optical effects cannot be copied or scanned.