Rolic® Barrier Films (RBF)

Extended lifetime of OLEDs or any other moisture-sensitive devices which require protection from environmental conditions.

OLEDs are extremely sensitive to water and oxygen, therefore they must be hermetically isolated from the environment. To help OLEDs to a fast breakthrough in the market, not only an efficient encapsulation of environmental influences is necessary but also its cost-effective  production.

Rolic works closely together with leading industrial companies.

RBF features:

  • WVTR down to 10-6 g/m2/d
  • Flexibility proven up to 10’000 rolls (r=20mm) @60/90 with no change of WVTR
  • Transmittance >85% (depending on stack design)
  • Haze <2% (depending on stack design)
  • Temperature resistant up to 250°C (depending on base substrate)

Optional RBF-features:

  • Light out-coupling
  • Hard coat
  • Transparent conductor (e.g. ITO)
  • Retardation (e.g. λ/4, λ/2)

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