Rolic® LCMO-LCD (UV- Photo Alignment)

At the end of 2008 the industrial fabrication of brilliant and energy-saving LCD flat screens, based on our revolutionary LCMO technology, began. Rolic first licensed this technology to the Japanese electronics corporation Sharp. Since then millions of LCD televisions have been produced by leading manufacturers in Asia.

A new standard in the LCD industry

Rolic® LCMO-LCD is the new standard with regard to cost-effectiveness, quality and energy consumption of LCD screens and provides the following advantages:

Advantages in the manufacturing process

  • Photo Alignment avoids mechanical manipulation
  • High yield due to less process steps and a lower defect rate, improve the cost structure significantly (low total cost of ownership)
  • The larger the fabricated panels are, the greater is the advantageous effect of Rolic® LCMO technology

Advantages for the user

  • Rapid image formation, ideal for sports, action films, and games
  • High contrast for optimum image quality and brilliance
  • Extremely low energy consumption

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