IPS stands for In Plane Switching mode, in which the liquid crystals are aligned parallel to the orientation layer. On application of a voltage, the liquid crystals rotate in the plane and switch from the dark state to bright state.

Traditionally, the orientation layers in the IPS mode are fabricated by mechanical macroscopic processing (called rubbing or brushing) with large rollers. With the simultaneously increasing glass size and decreasing glass thickness of the modern panel production, mechanical processing is becoming increasingly complex and prone to defects.

Additionally, there is a  clear trend to high resolution (pixel density) with multi domains.

By using the contact-free LCMO-IPS technology, contaminations, electrostatic charges, and mechanical damage to the orientation layers are avoided, and as a consequence, the yield and process speeds are substantially increased.

The future trend to high resolution is enabled.

Our manufacturing locations in Switzerland and China ensure a stable and high quality supply all over the world.

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