Rolic® LCMO VA

VA stands for Vertical Alignment Mode, and designates the vertical orientation of the liquid crystals. After applying an electrical field, the liquid crystals flip into a horizontal position and thus switch the pixels from dark state to bright state.
Photo alignment enables complex sub-pixel structures, which improve the optical performance of the LCD.

In order to achieve a fast, simultaneous switching of the vertically oriented liquid crystals, a preferred alignment direction for the liquid crystals is set by a well-defined pre-tilt angle.

Disordered switch with no preferred direction
Optimal alignment which defines switching direction

In a traditional fabrication of the orientation layer this is controlled by the regular incorporation of protrusions. The incorporation of these protrusions is achieved by means of a complex, multi-step lithographic process. The principle disadvantage of this method is that the protrusions reduce the aperture of the display pixel and additionally generate diffuse light, which lowers the contrast.

Rolic® LCMO-VA however orients liquid crystals optically in all three dimensions.
In this manner, the properties of the display panel can be substantially improved and the yield and production throughput distinctly increased.

Our manufacturing locations in Switzerland and China ensure a stable and high-quality supply all over the world.

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