Rolic® LCMO-Optical Films

Optically anisotropic films are used in a large range of applications in modern technology. These applications include optical filters for digital cameras, retardation layers for LCD projectors, and compensation-, wide angle- and 3D-converter films for displays.

In addition to the orientation of liquid crystal layers for application inside an LCD panel, the LCMO technology provides further options and also allows the fabrication of optically anisotropic films. In this process, cross-linkable liquid crystals on the LCMO layer are aligned and subsequently cross-linked.

The double refractive properties of the cross-linked liquid crystals thus generate retardation layers, whose optical retardation can be adjusted by modifying the thickness of the layer.

For example, an optical retardation of λ/4 converts linearly polarized light into circularly polarized light and vice versa. On optical retardation of λ/2, the polarisation shifts by 90°.

Some examples are shown as demonstrators in the TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS.

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