Rolic® Core Technology

Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO) technology is based on the light-induced spatial alignment of molecules, making it possible to create structured optical elements on a microscopic or macroscopic scale. Rolic has developed both the underlying technology and the associated specific materials, and possesses the corresponding patents.

LCMO technology entails aligning molecules in a predefined way in photoalignment layers by irradiating them with polarized light, and transferring this orientation information to a liquid crystal film.
By choosing suitable materials and selecting the direction of incidence and polarization of the light, it is possible for liquid crystal molecules to be aligned in any direction of the three-dimensional space.

One major advantage compared with conventional alignment layers is the possibility of generating an orientation pattern in a photoalignment layer. This is accomplished by irradiating the photoalignment layer, region wise, with light of different directions of incidence and polarization (e.g. using a photo-mask).