Rolic’s Milestones

1991–1994Basic principles of LCMO invented at F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., patent registered.
1994Rolic is founded as a spin-off of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
1995Technological breakthrough in photoalignment for LCDs through the invention of a process for light-induced spatial orientation of liquid crystals.
1996Karl Nicklaus acquires Rolic.

An exclusive licence for manufacturing Rolic® LCMO materials is granted to Ciba.
1997Inventions in the field of novel optical elements for the high-security market are patented.
1998Trendsetting development of new Rolic® LCMO photoalignment materials that are particularly suited for meeting the exacting demands of LCDs.
1999Rolicure Pearl® security elements are invented and patented.
2000Technology licences granted to selected industrial partners.
2003Market launch of passive 3D displays with structured films on glass, applying the Rolic® LCMO-3D technology.
2004Rolic builds up its own materials business.
2005Start of development of Rolic® LCMO-LCD, working closely with leading LCD manufacturers.
2006Product launch of extremely light-stable LCMO layers to increase the contrast of LCD projectors.
2007Breakthrough in the development of Rolic® LCMO-LCD photoalignment materials for use in VA LCDs.
2008Rolicure® security elements launched on the market.
2009Rolic® LCMO photoalignment is in production of LCD televisions in the world’s most modern LCD production facility at Sharp.
2010Rolic security elements protect pharmaceutical products from counterfeit.
2011Market launch of passive 3D TVs with cost-effective structured films on foil, based on Rolic® LCMO-3D.
2012World’s first banknote issued with a Secunote® security element based on Rolic LCMO technology.

Entrance into the new business field Organic Electronics.
2013Formation of business unit Organic Electronics.
Foundation of Rolic Technologies B.V., the Netherlands.
2014Foundation of Rolic Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China
2015First sales of ready to use formulations for VA (vertical aligned ) LCDs
2017Rolic becomes part of BASF group