Drawing on a fascinating enabling technology, Rolic continually develops novel applications for use in manufacturing of LCDs, OLEDs, OVPs and innovative security elements. 

We stand for Swiss quality, innovation and new, resource-saving standards for the industry. In developing and commercializing Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO) technology for the spatial alignment of molecules, we have opened the door to new dimensions for our customers. For high-quality displays our LCMO technology facilitates more efficient production and enhanced performance. When it comes to protection against forgery, our technology paves the way for a new generation of innovative, unique security elements. Rolic is also an active partner for leading manufacturers in the area of barrier- and encapsulation technology, which efficiently protects water- and oxygen-sensitive materials like OLED and organic photo voltaic (OPV) panels. 

The high level of value added by Rolic’s innovative products and technology is secured by a comprehensive patent portfolio that covers more than 600 patents worldwide. Ongoing strategic patenting ensures that future investments in R&D can increase Rolic’s long-term competitive advantage and that new profitable business areas can be developed. 

Rolic® Core Technology

Light Controlled Molecular Orientation (LCMO)

Display Applications 

The new industrial production standard for high-quality displays and optical films 

Optical Security Elements

Visible and covert protection against forgery – easy to detect, virtually impossible to copy 

Barrier and Encapsulation

OLED lighting: the new energy-saving light technology with diverse application possibilities 

Various stack architectures for the best compromise between cost, optical specification and water vapour transmission rate (WVTR).