Code of Conduct

The confidence of our stakeholders is the success of our business. We are convinced that we can only maintain the trust of our stakeholders if we act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Our employees are expected to know and understand the Code and apply it without exception.

Social Responsibility
All Rolic employees are bound to obey the law and maintain the highest ethical standards. Employees are expected to act at all times with social and environmental responsibility according to the highest professional standards and to respect the fundamental values of openness and loyalty.
Employees must familiarize themselves with best business practices in their area of responsibility and implement them conscientiously. Management is expected to provide appropriate guidance and training.
In situations where the law and the established practice do not provide clear guidance, employees are encouraged to exercise judgment and common sense and may seek support from their management or the legal department.

Area of Concern
This Code of Conduct sets the standards which our employees must meet in terms of:

  • Ethical conduct and compliance with the law
  • Professionalism and good business practice
  • Respect for human rights and employment rights
  • Fairness, courtesy and respect in dealings with fellow employees
  • Fair and appropriate treatment of the rights and interests of business partners, customers, authorities and the public
  • Respect for the environment.

Scope of Application
This Code of Conduct shall apply to all actions and activities of Rolic in the pursuit of a high level of social responsibility. The spirit of this Code governs the interpretation of any policy, process or work instructions adopted.
Rolic sees this Code of Conduct as a key element of relations with employees and third parties. The Board of Directors will insist on the full compliance with this Code of Conduct.